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PNX News (Punks News)


We are an international, punk rock comedy news team. 

Our primary purpose is to promote bands, old school punks,

art, artist, books, websites, and gigs.    

We bring punk rock news to you by using comedy, weirdness, and satire.


We are sponsored by our fictional company Pharmaceutical Farms (Better living through chemistry).   We do improv,  guerrilla style interviews and skits.

We may come to your town or gig and hold you hostage by camera and generally harass you in good fun, but our main goal is to do what mainstream media

has neglected to do:  properly promote punk rock.


MTV is dead... Vh1 has been forgotten...PNX news is taking over!

  We are here to promote what we love and live: punk rock, cool bands and art.  

Our team is made up of mainly "oldchool punks"   


Our host and news Anchor Karl C.  Boyer (Casey Royer D.I.) and his

co-anchor Roberta Bird, correspond with a variety of staff reporters 

and world wide affiliates.  PNX News bringing you nonsense as well as

important information about punk music and other cool stuff.


Stay tuned for animated cartoons featuring our character Sid and other Pharmacuedical Farms sponsored commercials. 

Our news spawned from a Yeasty Boys, Bozo Bomb Music video, (We got the neutron bomb), "The Wierdos" parody featuring Karl C.  Boyer,  and a jogging session with reporter Prikk Fagnew (Rikk Agnew Adolescents , Christian death) and Roberta.


"Fuck the media!   We exclaimed!   Fuck mainstream tv !  

It is bias and bullshit and doesn't reflect our truth.

As Jello Biafra said,  "Don't hate the media, be the media!"

We decided that Is just what we would do.  

PNX is DIY news satire and comedy.


Our slogan is "Media Blitz, We Rule!"


PNX News is a molotov cocktail thrown in the face of mainstream media.

Destroy your TV !  We promote your thing and your band 

and our mission is to have fun doing it.

Look for us at your gig or invite us to attend.

We will promote you worldwide!


We welcome your humor!


PNX News !   

Media Blitz We Rule !!

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