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Karl C. Boyer


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Karl C. Boyer was one of triplets born to mother of the infamous Betty Page. The triplets Karl, Clowney and Casey a product of a foursome between Walter Cronkite, Bozo the clown and The Duke Kahanamoku, Karl was born dressed in a grey flannel suit Clowney in Clown make up and Casey surfed his way right out into the world. The triplets were sold to the circus, it was unclear at first who the father of Karl was so his birth certificate read Karl Boy or Cronkite. Later after DNA tests determined Cronkite was the father, they changed Karl's name to Karl Cronkite Boyer. Walter decided to claim his son from the circus and raise him at CBS where he learned the trade, later joining his dad at CBS. Karl an unmedicated bipolar with violent schizophrenia couldn't effectivly report serious news without the voices in his head commanding him to say inappropriate things. He left the PC world of CBS and came over to PNX News with his half sister Roberta and turned to Punk rock journalisum. It was just the therapy he needed. Aside from his occasional outbursts he makes and excellent anchor. His part time job is guinnie pig for pharmaceutical farms.
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