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Punk Festival’s Return Turns Out To Be No “Picnic”

By Bill Bored

The notorious Punk Rock Picnic, music festival, attempting to make a comeback, after some unfortunate management indiscretion’s, left a sour taste in the mouths of local punk music fans this weekend. The event, which occurred on Saturday, seemed to start out sweet but ended with what appears to be some bitter results! We at PNX News, despite our frequent kidding around, are committed to delivering fair and accurate news to our audience. We are committed to be allies with bands. We are not interested in promoting speculation or gossip, regarding mismanagement. Or fueling the fire of any controversy. But we stand behind all the bands and artists and The Cockney Rejects. We want a positive outcome from this event. We stand on the side of P.M.A. and want to see a resolution. The Cockney Rejects are not rich Rock Stars, and are men of humble means from the East End of London. They committed a great deal of their time and personal resources to honor their commitment to play, and we at PNX News feel it is the responsibility Management of the Punk Rock Picnic to honor their commitment and pay the band in full, and not be a black mark on the reputation of the US Music scene in the eyes of the world. Let’s all hold Punk Rock Picnic management accountable and demand that The Cockney Rejects, PRP Staff, and any other bands affected, be paid in full,, ASAP! We strongly urge you to contact Rick Botrell this week and let them know that we, as a community insist that they honor their commitments and make things right! This whole situation brings the immortal words of Mr. John Lydon to mind, “Did you ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

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