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Punk Echoes Opening Night

The Punk Echoes art, photography and performance exhibit, premiered to a full house on Saturday, July 11th, at the Space Gallery, in Pomona, CA. Featured artists, Alice Bag, Gitane Demone, and Rikk Agnew, were present, and lingered throughout the evening socializing, and discussing their work with a multitude of interested fans. Other notable artists and photographers were also present, and/or on display, including: Chryss Butterknyfe, Atila Sikora, Kim Shattuck, Angie “Skull” Garcia, Dawn Wirth, David Markey and many more! Unfortunately, this reporter missed the opening act, the Guttersnipe Rebellion, however we were in attendance to enjoy the talents of Johnny Cheapo, who delivered a rousing set, punctuated by an excellent rendition of the Dictators classic, “Baby Let’s Twist”. The evenings headliners, the Subtitles, delivered an “Eddie Free” performance, that in this reporter’s opinion, surpassed any prior contributions by the group to date. The Subtitles will be playing at several dates throughout the summer, and it is strongly suggested that you attend at least one of these not-to-miss occasions! The Punk Echoes Exhibit, continues with gallery showings, and performances, featuring, the Gears, the Gitane Demone Quartet, and one Yours Truly’s all-time favorite ensembles, the Urinals! Closing night is August 8th, so don’t delay! Check out the PNX News Calendar, and save the dates!

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