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"The Old Church" is now a restaurant called Abigaile's

Worst thing ever: we are here at the restaurant/brew pub known as Abigaile's which is located on the spot of the original "the Old Church" in Hermosa Beach. The Old Church was the home of Black Flag, The Last and other oldschool punks, around 1979. At this restaurant, they have some faux graffiti chalkboard wall covering that features an Exploited stencil and other graffiti of a general nature... Really? In the bathroom they have what looks like reprints of original flyers from back in the day. Original "old school" punks may have mixed feelings about this decor. Upstairs is a disco right out of Jersey Shores MTV show. The hostess was in awe when I told her I used to really hang here when it was "the church". The brewery part is very expensive and looks legit but this is not even a place brew fans could call home. Disco, disco, pick-up scene to the max!

check out the link below for some interesting information having to do with the grafitti style decor and a band member from Pennywise.

Photo credit: Veronica Gonzalez Irwin

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