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Nestled between Cypress Park and Eagle Rock on the eastside of Los Angeles lies a magical place called Cafe Nela. Walking through the doors can be like climbing into Lucy’s wardrobe and passing into the land of Narnia…that is if Narnia contained loads of great punk bands and the coolest and most inviting of places to hang with your friends. This place is all that and a bag of chips. Cafe Nela feels familiar in the best way. It’s also about a half a mile from my casa. SCORE! Last Friday happened to be one of those magical, yet comfortable, nights with a line up of Unit F, Sorry State, Public Nuisance, RF7, and Decry. I have to apologize immediately to Unit F. I’m a bad, bad person, and I missed their set. But you can find their music at and at Upon my arrival, Sorry State was up and kicking out their set. I have to admit that my favorite song has to be “Gardena Girl” (SHE’S SO MEAN!), and if Pee Wee thinks she’s mean? Just sayin. Steve Porter pulled double duty on guitar with Sorry State and Decry. There should be some kind of Punk Smorgasbord Award for Steve and Mike Villalobos for knowing everyone’s songs and helping out their friends. You guys give most generously! Next up was Public Nuisance that went sans set list, then RF7. Both bands got the folks in the front of the house moving, which at Café Nela is A Okay. No restrictions here, kids. Decry ended the night with a lot of heart. Farrell talked about the beginning and how he didn’t realize that when he wrote a song at 17 that he would still be performing it at 51! Thank you all for still doing what you do best, and giving us this Punk Renaissance that’s getting us off the streets and back in the bars the way God intended. Let’s keep it going, please. I’m not dead yet.

#cafenela #punkrock #thefreeze #unitF #Sorrystate #publicnuisance #rf7 #decry #ruthiec

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