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Thoughts From the Pit: The Days of Wine and Sewage

The summer season of travel is upon us, and with it come the “band tours”. This past week Spike Polite and Sewage landed on the west coast for theirs. First to San Diego for a record release party, then Los Angeles, and finally on to Las Vegas before heading back home to NYC. Luckily for me, Spike and I have been in contact via the “poke” button on Facebook for the past few months. He has “virtually” been my friend for some time now, and this past week we consummated (don’t get all smutty on me, now) our “literal” friendship that entailed opening my home to Spike and his band mates. In person, Spike is soft-spoken sweetheart but on stage he commands attention. His band has gone through a few changes this past year adding Anthony on drums in January and Jean on bass since June. Roger, or affectionately known as “Goofer”, has been the Sewage guitarist since 2013. While hanging out in Ruthie’s Roost, we spent some time getting to know each other, eating together, etc. For example, I found out that Goofer is of the Gnostic faith and was baptized with the name Percival Barbarosa. Hmmm…my cat’s name is Percival and they both have red fur..I mean hair! Okay, one has fur the other hair. Coincidence? I think not! But trust me, it wasn’t all wine and roses, or wine and Sewage. As with most band families tensions during tours can run high, especially if you’ve never actually been crammed into the same car or hotel room with these people, EVER.

But as with all families, you try to work things out as best you can. Yes, I was witness to a few disagreements and personality conflicts, but nothing that couldn’t be reconciled. You just have to take a step back and realize the reason for all this…it’s the music. It’s always about the music. Be that as it may, the members of Sewage can dump here anytime, literally! Find them on Facebook at Spike Polite and Sewage NYC.

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