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Bastards On Parade!

Bastards On Parade a very talented 6 piece band out of Galicia Spain, including accordion and bagpipe player. This Celtic style punk band in the spirit of Dropkick Murphy’s and Flatfoot 56 have their own unique twist on it. Singing mostly in English, but with a hint and flavor of Galician folk music, that makes them unique. Do you think you can’t turn that into punk rock? Just imagine if Molly was Flogged by a gypsy and out came a Bastard, and that bastard began playing punk rock. That is what these Bastards sound like. You will instantly fall in love with this band and their music and be stomping your feet, arm in arm with your mates. Go see them when they come to your town!

#BastardsonParade #ukpunkrock #robertabird #pnxnews

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