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Dr. Brady

Lights, Camera, Action

After obtaining a masters in philosophy from Wossamotta U.  Dr. Brady received his doctorate in pharmacology from Placebo University.  After his time at old P.U.   He traveled with The Dead, during this time he worked with Owlsley to develop a bigger, stronger, faster way of enjoying louder, faster, shorter songs. Better living through chemistry is his motto and when he remembers he will tell you why.  But why ask why when you can get... HI to all the new PNX fans remember, think of Pharmaceutical Farms when you have that need.  Dr. Brady joined the PNX team after they found him sleeping in the back of the news van & it was just too much trouble to drive back to the show.  When not dispensing good advice, Dr. Brady can be found behind the camera or running his mobile mammography lab.
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